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Dog owner!
Rated by Thousands of Customers
Let your loved family member be on the sofa without the fear of ruining it!
Rated by Thousands of Happy Dog Owners!

Dog Lovers Sofa Saver


$129.99  $89.99

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Free Gift (value $19.99)

No more sofas ruined by drool & dog hair, thanks to the Sofa Saver!
If you're one of those dog owners that would love to let their dog on the sofa with you, but don't wanna ruin your expensive furniture, our solution is the one you've been looking for!
  • Keeps your sofa safe
  • Offers comfort & warmth 
  • Easy to maintain
  • ​Unique Features
  • ​Also for bed, floor, car & more
Rated by Thousands of Happy Dog Owners!

I can finally have Mindy on the coach with me!! Best purchase of year!!

Harriet V.

"I can finally have Mindy on the coach with me!!! Best purchase 2021!"

Henriet Harrison
Our Sofa Saver is made comfortable for pets, it's easy to maintain, takes no space when stored and can be used in multiple places.

We believe that differs it from any other solution on the market!


"It's so convenient!! It has become one of our favorite dog products"

Jodie Rees

"I love that it's so easy to clean. Ritz drools a lot so I wash it almost every other week"

Alivia Burt

"I let Cassie already on the couch but when I saw this I just had to get it. We also use it in when traveling"

Isabelle Hopkins

"Must have for people who consider their dog as a family member. I has become ricky's favorite place above his old bed"

Charlie Owen

It's made to imitate  real dog fur which reduces separation anxiety even when you're not around!

Your dog Will never feel left out again!

You're your dog's favorite thing in their whole world, and they hate it when they can't come right next to you!

Speaking from experience, this solution makes them so happy, they can now enjoy movie time together with their number one person(s) and never feel left out again!
Many of our customers use it in car to ensure most comfortable traveling for their furry loved one!

Why is the number one option for caring, loving dog parent?

We really did our groundwork and dug deep what our community and dog owners need & want.

It doesn't only save your furniture but it's made of materials that feel like mom's fur which helps your dog to calm down and feel less anxious!

Many of our customers use it in car to ensure most comfortable traveling for their furry loved one!
Rated by Thousands of Happy Dog Owners!




Our sofa savior is not only to protect your furniture, but to give your pet warmth, comfort & safe feeling!


It's big enough for dogs any size! No matter how much drool, hair or other dog dirt, it covers your sofa perfectly!


The rubberish non-slip bottom ensures it stays on place anywhere you place it!


  • Unzip the zipper and remove             the cover
  • Wash the cover (hand wash or           low temperature machine                   washing)
  • Let it dry and and put the                   cover back on!
  • Unzip the zipper and                       remove the cover
  • Wash the cover (hand wash            or low temperature                          machine washing)
  • Let it dry and and put the               cover back on!
Simple as that! We believe this is much better solution than trying to clean the sofa.


The sofa saver is washable and made of best possible materials, which guarantees to withstand years of use!

Your FREE gift valued at $19.99!

*Limited supply, valid as long as stocks last

If you have a dog, you probably have dog hair here and there...
So we wanna reward action takers and give you our best selling dog hair removing tool completely FREE!
It's incredibly efficient and we've sold tens of thousands of these in 2021 only!
Your gift is valued at $19.99 and this offers valid as long as we run out of stock or the current sale ends!
Rated by Thousands of Happy Dog Owners!



"Perfect bed & protector! I got one for couch and one for the car! Our dog is so happy he can sit on the couch with us now!"

P. Thompson


"Absolutely love it. Im so happy it's "oversized" because Hugo is not a small boy! "

Jenny Flores


"Im a kind of a spoilin dogmama that can't say no to Emma. I think the sofa saver is the  best solution to having my girl on the couch"

Grace K.


"I love having Zeus on the couch with me but im sick of all that drool. When I saw this, it was an obvious choice." 



What are the benefits?

  • You can let your dog on the sofa without fearing it's ruined
  • ​It reduces dog anxiety
  • ​Offers comfort & safe feeling
  • ​It's easy to maintain
  • ​Easy to store if not needed
  • ​It's easy to take on a trip 

What if my dog doesn't like it?

To be honest, that's very unlikely but yes, it's possible.
In that case, you can return the Sofa Savior completely free within 30-days of receiving it.
We take the hit and pay all expenses.

Can I wash in the machine?

We recommend hand-wash only BUT some of our customers are washing the cover in a machine.
Just make sure you wash it low temperature and we recommend not to use spinning.

Can you tell me about your company?

We are US based small business sourcing, modifying and importing unique dog products that are not sold at stores.
We listen our community and do great research which have led to serving thousands of happy dog owners around the world!

What if I'm not happy?

You can return the Sofa Savior within 30-days, starting from the day you receive the product and receive a hustle-free 100% money back refund via the same method you paid your order.
After the refund is made, you'll receive your funds within 1-3 days.
All the free bonuses that we might offer are yours to keep, no matter what!
Rated by Thousands of Happy Dog Owners!

Our 100% Rock-Solid
Money Back Guarantee!

We might not have Amazons 1 night shipping...
But what we do have, is a Rock Solid Satisfaction Guarantee with no exceptions!
You cant try the Pet Owners Sofa Savior risk for 30 days, starting from the day you receive the product!
If for any reason you're not happy, you can return it at no cost, we pay ALL EXPENSES.
Our only goal is to make you happy. You either love the product or you pay nothing!

Get the sofa saver today with

Dog Lovers Sofa Saver


$129.99  $89.99

  • ​Offer price (save $40)
  • ​Free gift (save $19.99)
  • ​Free shipping (save $12.99)
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

TOTAL VALUE: $162.97

YOU PAY ONLY: $89.99

YOU SAVE $72.98!

Rated by Thousands of Happy Dog Owners!


  • Size: 51 x 41 x 130 x 7inch. / 105 x 18cm
  • Material: 
  • ​Weight: 3.5lbs /1600g
  • Washing: We recommend hand-wash only
  • ​Package Includes: 1x Pet Owner Sofa Savior, 1x Hair Remover (limited offer)
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